I’m a 25 year old a Xhosa girl from the western cape who is Christian loves God tooo much. I’m a shy person, but have come to overcome that phobia. I love reading, like doing puzzles. I’m a free spirited person, who loves to socialise, and adore my friends. I would like to become a business women, to be specific I love to own my very own beauty spar. I’m currently a freelancer.

AvatarFedile Tau

  I’m a model at Platinum blue models, and also doing my media studies at Boston Media house. I’m a very very happen person, I’m very free and find it easy to communicate with people. I’m so into my media studies, to be specific I’m interested in radio and presenting. As mentioned I’m doing my media studies, and would like to one day become a radio and television presenter.

AvatarNombulelo Linda

  I’m a very bubbly person, fun to be around with, ambitious, driven, confident, and very influential. My job aspiration is to be a administrator, as I have completed my studies in administration. But I really want to be social worker, psychologist, of which I’m planing to study for. I’ve previously worked at Chris John Secondary School, I was given the role of an Admin assistant for about 9 months.


  I’m a 20 year girl from ”. I’m just girl, living life, trying to figure out stuff just like every body else.

AvatarSikuwani Vuwani

  I’m a young 18 year old who loves clothes, I’m very passionate about clothes, I love shopping, and also love designing my own clothes. I’m a film student, studying towards acting and film production. I’d one day like to become a professional stylist. Currently I sell vintage clothes, of which I design myself and sell to the public.

AvatarPalesa Motlala

  I’m a 18 year old Christian girl. I’m quite fun to hang around with, very active, I turn to get crazy at times but I can also be very quiet. I aspire to one day become a actress and a singer. I’m currently not working but am working on a project that develops the youth by providing them with acting class so they can feather themselves.


  I’m from Soweto, Orlando East. I’m an outgoing person, I’m fun, and also get told I can get crazy at times. I would like to be a sound technician. I haven’t worked before, but currently working on a project in the community. working in partnership with ”. The organisation focuses on empowering male and female skills, distance development center.


  I’m a 19 year old girl from Orlando East, which is in Soweto. Fun to be around, go crazy when she wants. want to be a beauty therapist, specialising with massage also interested in acting Currently a full time student, but currently working on a project in the community. working in partnership with ”. The organisation focuses on empowering male and female skills, distance development centre.

AvatarGugulethu Samantha Tshabalala

  I am a 19 year old girl from Soweto, Naledi. I’m a bubbly person, I’m pretty much a person who likes to laugh. I’m fun to be around, even when being around negative people my mind just stays positive. I’m model (vixen) and I also work as a waitress a lodge. My dream job is to one day be a marketing director, as I’m currently also studying towards my Marketing qualification.

AvatarCasey Junior Joseph

  I’m 18 years old of age Christian colored girl from ”. I’m an open book type of person, bubbly at most times, and I find it very easy to mingle with people. I aspire to one day become a professional physiotherapist, and become a professional singer. I have no work background thus far but I am busy development my voice, as I want to take it far.